Boudoir biz

A set of email templates and marketing funnel designed specifically for boudoir photographers

Boudoir Biz Email Templates

Email Templates offer_web.jpg
Email Templates offer_web.jpg

Boudoir Biz Email Templates


Stop procrastinating and start booking more boudoir clients with these ready made set of 20 emails including 2 questionnaires.
Use them as they are or make them your own.

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Clients have often complimented us on our fast and clear communication. They said they booked us because the other photographers never responded or only after they already booked us. So here we are sharing our templates that we use every day to book clients and communicate with them.

  • Boudoir - General enquiry

  • Boudoir - Bridal boudoir enquiry

  • Boudoir - Couples boudoir enquiry

  • Boudoir - Enquiry follow up

  • Boudoir - Facebook VIP invitation - New clients

  • Boudoir - Facebook VIP invitation - Previous clients

  • Boudoir - Google review request

  • Boudoir - Gift voucher registration

  • Boudoir - Gift voucher expiry

  • Boudoir - order ready

  • Boudoir - referral email

  • Boudoir - pre-session questionnaire

  • Boudoir - post-session questionnaire

  • and many more