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Boudoir Biz Email Templates

Stop procrastinating and start booking more boudoir clients with these ready made set of 20 emails including 2 questionnaires.
Use them as they are or make them your own.

Do you have trouble booking clients?

Do you procrastinate when you should be replying to emails and messages?

We know what it’s like because we have been running a busy boudoir studio for almost 10 years.

Unless you reply to clients quickly and professionally you will lose them.

The good news is we are making available our own email templates that you can easily customise and make your own.

So if you want to make sure you convert more leads into bookings get the set of proven email templates.

Boudoir Marketing Funnel

Convert your leads into paying customers using this ready made marketing funnel. With a set of 6 customizable email templates you can set up your marketing funnel and just sit back and watch it do it’s magic. Keep leads warm until they are ready to book.

Convert your leads into clients

You work too hard to get leads so don’t let them go cold. When you get a lead you are dealing with a client who is very early in the buying cycle, they are learning all about what boudoir is and they are also looking at your competition. So how do you stand out? How do you make them remember you and ultimately book YOU?

This is where the marketing funnel comes in; it nurtures the clients, informs them and keep you foremost in their thoughts when they are ready to book.

This the same funnel we use in out business and it works!

Get both, our email templates + the marketing funnel

Email and marketing funnel bundle
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Super charge your marketing and workflow with this email and marketing bundle