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When is the last time you treated yourself? - Sydney Boudoir

Sometimes you just have to do something for yourself, no other reason. Miss C wanted to celebrate who she is right now at this stage in her life and to have the images and memories to look back on later in life.

So she gifted herself some sexy lingerie and a boudoir photoshoot with us :)

It’s time to treat yourself!

Miss C gave us permission to use the images that don’t show her face.

Self empowerment - a testimonial with Denise after seeing her sexy boudoir images.

A photoshoot is more than just about sexy images, it's about gaining self confidence, seeing yourself in a new light, learning to love yourself for yourself and so many more things that I can't really put into words. Denise who just had her own photoshoot summed it up better than we ever could.
Thank you Denise for reminding us again what we do it for :)

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Krystal - Sydney boudoir model call

Krystal responded to our shout out for a model call. Every now and then we run a model call to be able show off our work with real clients and real women.

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

There was a model call and I was very keen to participate and get some nice photos for myself


How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?

Excitement, looking through previous photos I was looking forward to see what magic could be captured for me.


Now that you've had your own photo shoot, how was it?

It was great! Chris was very easy going, made me feel very comfortable and gave great directions.


What would you say to someone considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Just do it!


Is there anything we could do to make this experience completely perfect?

Everything was above and beyond, I was very happy with my experience!