Frequently Asked Questions

What is glamour/Boudoir photography?

Intimate portraiture has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. As women, we spend endless amounts of time and money pampering ourselves with beauty products and services, clothing, accessories, fitness and even plastic surgery to make us feel beautiful. By investing in portraiture of ourselves, we can capture and document our beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

Why should you book Sydney Glamour Photography?

When you book with us we will take care of everything for you. We have our own dedicated studio space and a team of makeup artists who come to us. There is no need for you to organize your own hair and makeup or book a hotel room for the photoshoot. All you have to do is show up :)

We are a husband and wife team providing you with that extra comfort level if you are a bit nervous about your photoshoot.

Are you a full time professional photographer ?

Yes, every photographer at Sydney Glamour Photography is a fully accredited member of the AIPP. We have been in business over 10 years. 

We are 100% reputable. We are not part time photographers or operate out of a converted garage or home studio. Nor do you need to hire a venue or hotel room for the photoshoot; instead our studio is a gorgeous light filled studio located in Gordon in the heart of Sydney's leafy North Shore. 

Do you provide hair and makeup service?

Yes we do. We have an amazing team of hair and makeup artists who will look after you. The hair and makeup is included in the session fee.  We strongly encourage to always having both done by professionals - it really makes a difference in the final images.

My session is booked - how do I prepare?

In preparation for your shoot, please think of the following things: Hair touch-ups, waxing, eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure, tanning and moisturizing. Once your session is booked, we will send you our Client Guide which goes into further detail regarding preparation.

Do you supply any props?

We don't use a lot of props; our style is about elegance and really focused on you. However we love it when clients bring props that are special to them and we will do our best to include them.

Can I have the photoshoot done at my home or hotel?

Generally we prefer to work from our studio as we know what works and what the light is like. However we are always open to discussing different options. Our only requirements for on-location photoshoots is that clients commit to a pre-purchase of our large album or equivalent.

What should I bring to my shoot? Do you supply wardrobe?

We don't supply a wardrobe, but we do offer some great suggestions on what to bring or purchase as we know exactly what will make a gorgeous, dynamic photo! Whichever portrait session you have selected, do bring a variety of clothing, lingerie, shoes and jewellery/ accessories. This will help us work with you to create the best look for your photographs.

Glamour - Beauty

For your beauty shoot, consider clothing that makes you confident and sexy, as well as comfortable. The glamour shoot isn't about baring it all, but leaving something to the imagination. The clothing can be as revealing as you want it to be, so get dressed up in your favourite Saturday night cocktail dress, or you can opt for an outfit that is a little more casual chic – sometimes sexy is just a pair of jeans! Don't forget your favourite stilettos, pumps, heels and boots as well as a selection of jewellery and accessories. Feel free to bring anything with you to make your shoot a more personalized experience.

Check out our Beauty - Glamour Gallery for inspiration.

Boudoir - Lingerie

For a boudoir session consider choosing more than one set of lingerie to get a variety of looks in your photographs. Lingerie can include bra and panty sets, a corset, teddy, chemise, camisole, garters, thigh high stockings and robes. While black is universally flattering and sexy, we encourage you to play with colour which will also give a great variety of looks to your final images.

For brides-to-be, consider bringing your favourite white lingerie, a veil and white garters to complete the bridal look.

Again, other items to bring include a variety of high heels, high boots, jewellery, scarves, hats and ties. If it’s a gift for your significant other, think about including a piece of their favourite apparel – shirt and tie or a sports jersey – they'll love it!

Check out our very own online Lingerie Shop for inspiration


For a couples shoot, coordinate with each other’s outfits for clean, sexy and intimate images. Black and white clothing and underwear/ lingerie are recommended as well as denim jeans from to light to dark. Along with jewellery or an accessory that is unique to you as a couple.

Fine Art Nude

Obviously you're not going to need much clothing for your nude portrait! However, we strongly advice to wear loose fitting clothing before your session, to avoid elastic or strap marks on your skin from tight bras, belts or pants. In preparation for your fine art nude shoot, be sure to exfoliate and moisturise your skin to have it at its silky best.

I am a little uncomfortable about nudity

Nudity is certainly not necessary and we will not push you to go further than you feel comfortable with. Most of the nude photos are only implied nudity anyway. Meaning the image conveys the idea of nudity without revealing too much.

Sexy isn't always about how much you show, it’s all about how you show it ! Most men feel that leaving something to the imagination is much sexier than baring it all. Let the photographer know what you are comfortable with at the beginning of the session, or even show us some examples so we can understand your comfort levels.

Sounds great ... but I'm feeling nervous about my shoot!

Feeling nervous or self conscious about having an intimate session ? There’s no need worry, it’s natural to feel this way. We guide you through each pose and know exactly which angles to capture for all body types to make you look like the beautiful woman you are.

You don't need to know how to pose, you won’t have to do any performing and won't be put on the spot. We'll show you how to get those sexy poses and sultry looks. Our sessions are designed to allow plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable which really shows in the final images.

So leave everything up to us … just relax and enjoy yourself !

I have a little problem area that I don't like about my body - is there anything you can do?

Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern boudoir portraits. Flattering your best features, Sydney Glamour Photography provides you with something truly unique to show how beautiful you are. Every woman is very different and has something incredible to capture.

Our advanced retouching includes skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement. Every detail is covered from wrinkles to acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. You don't have to worry about these little imperfections. We have everything covered.

If you have a particular problem area that you're not happy with, let us know. Our advanced posing techniques are designed to emphasize the positives and disguise problem areas. In addition we can perform a little “digital liposuction” in the retouching stage. We will not however completely change the shape of your body – after all that just wouldn't be you !

I've had my session - what a blast! When do I get to see my images?

We understand that many of our clients take the day off work for the photoshoot and for convenience we will schedule the purchasing session on the same day. This will save you having to take additional time off work. In that case the photoshoot takes place in the morning and you can come back 1.5 hours later to view the images and select your products.

Can I buy the Digital Files from my session?

Yes, certainly. You can purchase a collection of files from your session.

While we strongly encourage our clients to get the photos printed we also understand that some people may need the digital files for various purposes. Please let us know what you need the images for and we can make sure we can provide the best package for you.

Will my images be shown on your website or in your studio?

The images shown on our website, blog and in-studio displays are shown with the client’s permission only. At the end of your session you will be given an optional model release form that is completely voluntary to sign. If you choose not to sign the release, your images will not be seen by anyone other than employees of Sydney Glamour Photography. We fully understand and respect the privacy of our clients.

I have a friend who is excited to book a glamour session as well

For each new client that you refer to Sydney Glamour Photography who books a session, you will receive a credit towards an additional session for yourself. Take advantage of the referral program as often as you like by spreading the word!

Credits are awarded once the full session fee is received from the new client. Credits have no cash value and can only be used by the original referrer and are not transferable.

I'd love to give a session as a gift. Can I do that?

Certainly! Gift Certificates are available for session fees and/or products.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients come from all walks of life. Most are females although we do shoot guys and couples.

Some are young (but at least 18+) some are mature, it doesn't matter we strive to make the boudoir experience an unforgettable experience for everyone.

What happens if I need to re-schedule or cancel the appointment?

If for any reason you can't make an appointment please let us know ASAP. We will work with you to try and find an alternative time if possible.

With cancellations within 3 days of the appointment you may lose your session fee as we will already have paid the makeup artist to reserve the time for you.

I am after a different kind of photoshoot and I can't see any samples on your website

We photograph all kinds of photo sessions although we don't necessarily put them on our website in order to ensure our clients privacy. We offer couple shoots from sweet and innocent to more risque, we also photograph men, same sex couples, glamorous mother/daughter shoots, fine art nudes, black and white nudes, model portfolios, lingerie shoots, sexy couples, implied nude photo, model mayhem portfolios, model packages, actor packages, boudoir photography, bridal boudoir, bridal lingerie photos etc

If you have an these or any ideas then let us know; we have done sweet and innocent, classy erotica, sizzling 50 Shades of Grey and anything in between. 

Do you have any recommendations for lingerie shops?

We get asked a lot about where to buy lingerie and we are excited to announce that we now have our own online lingerie site. You can access the fantastic range of lingerie directly from our website via the Find your Lingerie link.

Other great lingerie retailers include: Honey Birdette, Mary Holland, Agent Provocateur, Looking for something fun, Fantasy Lingerie or something for the curvy Madame Fru Fru, Bridal lingerie and garters, Bridal Trousseau

I have a question that isn't listed above

If your questions haven't been answered here, please feel free to contact us at hello@sydneyglamourphotography.com.au

Alternatively you can call us on 0401 399 290

We are more than happy to speak with you on an individual basis.