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something special for his birthday - and also a special gift for myself

G contacted us because it was her partner’s 30th birthday coming up and she was looking for a personal gift for him. G rocked the session and ended up selecting a album as the main gift, some gift prints and a sexy print for the bedroom!

When G popped in to collect the wall print she told us her partner loved the photos and proposed to her right after receiving is gift. So awesome, we love happy beginnings!

Still thinking about a reason for a photo session…

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

I wanted to give my partner something special for his birthday and also get a special gift for myself, so i decided on a photoshoot, something we could share.

Boudoir birthday gift (4).jpg

What made you decide to hire our studio for your photoshoot?

I had seen the reviews online and thought it sounded amazing.

Boudoir birthday gift (1).jpg

How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?

Before I arrived at the shoot I was a bit nervous and unsure of the unknown I was wondering if I would know what to do!

Boudoir birthday gift (2).jpg
Boudoir birthday gift (3).jpg

Now that you've had your own photo shoot, how was it?

The shoot was amazing! Chris guided me through every single aspect and all my nerves disappeared. The photos turned out amazingly and my partner proposed after I gave them to him!

Boudoir confidence boost (2).jpg

What would you say to someone considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Nerves are normal but it's definitely worth it - your nerves disappear as soon as you walk in!

Boudoir confidence boost (3).jpg
Boudoir confidence boost (1).jpg

A huge congratulation to G on her engagement!!