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Our Favourite Boudoir Photos from 2015

2015 has been an amazing year for us, we have met so many cool and interesting people people. Clients have come to us from all over Australia and even internationally to be photographed. We have photographed many bride who did bridal boudoir sessions as a gift for their lucky fiancées.
Every client is different and we have been inspired by each and every one of you!

And if your photos are not here it's because you asked us to keep your photos private and we will always respect your privacy.

Of course also a huge thank you to our friends, colleagues and associates in the beauty and wedding industry who have helped us and referred their clients to us.

Glamour shoot with Kelly

Kelly came all the way down from Cairns, Queensland to have a glamour/boudoir photoshoot with us in Sydney. Kelly was about to turn 50 and this was her gift to herself.
There is really no age limit to when you can do a glamour shoot, especially when you look great and feel great about yourself.
Kelly did a glamour shoot when she was 20 and again when she turned 30 so what better way to celebrate her 50's.
Now this photoshoot wasn't just about getting some sexy lingerie shots or shots of her tattoos, we were also aiming to get some real character portraits of Kelly that would show more of her inner strength and character.
She looks so amazing!

Wedding Boudoir - Bridal Boudoir - Sydney

You could be for forgiven for thinking that Meg is a model, but she is actually a bride about to get married and this boudoir session is her gift to her fiance.

Meg is full of confidence and it really shows in her images. She moves effortlessly, posing without being prompted while we talk about her wedding plans.
A confident smile, some very sexy lingerie and well I think her fiance is going to love his album.
Meg purchased her wedding gown from Two Birds Bridal where she received a gift certificate for her wedding boudoir photoshoot.

Bridal Boudoir - Sydney Photographer

When Elyce walked into our studio holding a Honey Birdette Lingerie bag I knew we were going to have a good shoot, that and of course she looked gorgeous already.
Into makeup to complete the transformation and then we laid out all the lingerie sets  and accessories, shoes etc. 

Now fun begun, planning out the shoot and outfits. Since Elyce is getting married soon the emphasis was to create some gorgeous bridal boudoir images that would go into an album for her fiancee. Her Honey Birdette Bridal lingerie was just perfect.

Kristy - Mum and Model boudoir shoot, fine art nude. Sydney

Kristy, mother of 2 used to be a model. But then kids and family life took over and her priorities shifted to her growing family. 

Kristy showed us that she has still got it, she was a total natural in front of the camera and amazingly confident. The images are going into an album which is going to be a present for her husband.

quick before and after. Makeup by the talented Eloise.

I love the transformation!

I love the transformation!

All images post with Kristy's permission.

Brittany - Boudoir and Glamour photoshoot - Sydney

Had an amazing time photographing Brittany. Brittany is so confident in herself and it really comes across in her gorgeous photos. The photoshoot started with some glamour and Britt's favourite dress followed by a boudoir shoot with her favourite lingerie and shirt.
The photos will make a perfect gift for her boyfriend; sexy and classy.

Boudoir Photographer Sydney

Loved this photoshoot with Miss Mel, she is so confident and it really makes her images stand out.
Love the burlesque themed outfit left over from a fancy dress party. For the boudoir or lingerie part of the shoot Miss Mel rocks the white shirt look and she looks so confident in the cute baby doll.
Miss Mel wasn't sure about how far she wanted to go with the photoshoot but as we went along she grew more confident and even decided to do a couple of implied nude photos. I know her boyfriend is going to love it.

lingerie shoot

Sydney glamour and boudoir photographer with Rachel

Rachel was a past winner of a Facebook competition last year. Here are just some of the images we created together.

I love the accessories she brought to the photoshoot. I think we created a great mix of glamour and boudoir. Classy with a hint of sexy.

Sydney glamour