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Cassie - Sydney Boudoir

Cassie, wow we had such a great photoshoot. I could go on and on about it, but Cassie was kind enough to send me an email after the photoshoot to share her thoughts. With her permission I am sharing these images and her words:

Posing in front of a camera was never something I was good at, unless it was a selfie taken from above and cropping out the body. Looking through a lot of my current pictures of myself, all I have is selfie headshots… bit boring. But when it came to lingerie and boudoir shots, as excited as I was to try something new, I was extremely nervous. How the hell do I be sexy in lingerie?!
Boudoir glamour makeup
Having the photoshoot with Chris was amazing. It was a huge boost of confidence for me and I walked away with some absolutely fabulous pictures. I was extremely nervous when I first arrived, but Chris was amazing. He showed me some examples of past work and talked me through what styles he wanted to try, asked what I wanted to try, what I was comfortable doing and what I had restrictions on.
Plus size boudoir
Dressed in my first outfit, we began. It took a while for me to get comfortable, but Chris talked me through some poses, things to do, what to look at etc. to get me started. After a few shots we got into the swing of things and I became more comfortable.
He made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and by the 2nd outfit we were laughing and having fun! I totally forgot that I was standing there in lingerie
sexy plus size boudoir
Being (mentally) comfortable in clothing for me is a challenge. Being comfortable in lingerie is a rarity and being comfortable nude (ish) is a joke! The fact I was in front of a camera was the most daunting thing EVER! But honestly, looking back at the pictures, I am so happy with them! I look at them and think “I look so good”, “I look hot”, “Woohoo, Sexy!
Sexy curvy boudoir
I never imagined I could look good, feel good and still want to show everyone photos of me in lingerie!! This for me was a HUGE step towards body confidence and I haven’t looked back!
Sexy plus size women
I want to do another shoot and let loose a little more. Bring out more of my wild side!! I honestly owe it all to Chris! He made me feel so comfortable and that helped bring out my sexy side! And that sexy side wasn’t a cropped headshot selfie! It was a full length photo of me in lingerie
— Cassie

Kristy - Mum and Model boudoir shoot, fine art nude. Sydney

Kristy, mother of 2 used to be a model. But then kids and family life took over and her priorities shifted to her growing family. 

Kristy showed us that she has still got it, she was a total natural in front of the camera and amazingly confident. The images are going into an album which is going to be a present for her husband.

quick before and after. Makeup by the talented Eloise.

I love the transformation!

I love the transformation!

All images post with Kristy's permission.