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Cassie - Sydney Boudoir

Cassie, wow we had such a great photoshoot. I could go on and on about it, but Cassie was kind enough to send me an email after the photoshoot to share her thoughts. With her permission I am sharing these images and her words:

Posing in front of a camera was never something I was good at, unless it was a selfie taken from above and cropping out the body. Looking through a lot of my current pictures of myself, all I have is selfie headshots… bit boring. But when it came to lingerie and boudoir shots, as excited as I was to try something new, I was extremely nervous. How the hell do I be sexy in lingerie?!
Boudoir glamour makeup
Having the photoshoot with Chris was amazing. It was a huge boost of confidence for me and I walked away with some absolutely fabulous pictures. I was extremely nervous when I first arrived, but Chris was amazing. He showed me some examples of past work and talked me through what styles he wanted to try, asked what I wanted to try, what I was comfortable doing and what I had restrictions on.
Plus size boudoir
Dressed in my first outfit, we began. It took a while for me to get comfortable, but Chris talked me through some poses, things to do, what to look at etc. to get me started. After a few shots we got into the swing of things and I became more comfortable.
He made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and by the 2nd outfit we were laughing and having fun! I totally forgot that I was standing there in lingerie
sexy plus size boudoir
Being (mentally) comfortable in clothing for me is a challenge. Being comfortable in lingerie is a rarity and being comfortable nude (ish) is a joke! The fact I was in front of a camera was the most daunting thing EVER! But honestly, looking back at the pictures, I am so happy with them! I look at them and think “I look so good”, “I look hot”, “Woohoo, Sexy!
Sexy curvy boudoir
I never imagined I could look good, feel good and still want to show everyone photos of me in lingerie!! This for me was a HUGE step towards body confidence and I haven’t looked back!
Sexy plus size women
I want to do another shoot and let loose a little more. Bring out more of my wild side!! I honestly owe it all to Chris! He made me feel so comfortable and that helped bring out my sexy side! And that sexy side wasn’t a cropped headshot selfie! It was a full length photo of me in lingerie
— Cassie

Miss K - Boudoir Photographer for Brides - Sydney Boudoir

Miss K was about to get married overseas; just before heading off we did a sexy boudoir photo session.  Miss K ordered a box of prints and a fine art album. She was able to give the prints to her fiance on the wedding day and the album was ready after their honeymoon.
Miss K came in feeling a little bit nervous since she had never done any kind of photoshoot before but we very quickly settled into the boudoir session and had a lot of fun.
Check out her wedding heels, love the Badgley Mischka.

Miss K has a really interesting job and while she gave us permission to use the images we can't show you her face. No she is not a dentist :)

Our Favourite Boudoir Photos from 2015

2015 has been an amazing year for us, we have met so many cool and interesting people people. Clients have come to us from all over Australia and even internationally to be photographed. We have photographed many bride who did bridal boudoir sessions as a gift for their lucky fiancées.
Every client is different and we have been inspired by each and every one of you!

And if your photos are not here it's because you asked us to keep your photos private and we will always respect your privacy.

Of course also a huge thank you to our friends, colleagues and associates in the beauty and wedding industry who have helped us and referred their clients to us.

Glamour shoot with Kelly

Kelly came all the way down from Cairns, Queensland to have a glamour/boudoir photoshoot with us in Sydney. Kelly was about to turn 50 and this was her gift to herself.
There is really no age limit to when you can do a glamour shoot, especially when you look great and feel great about yourself.
Kelly did a glamour shoot when she was 20 and again when she turned 30 so what better way to celebrate her 50's.
Now this photoshoot wasn't just about getting some sexy lingerie shots or shots of her tattoos, we were also aiming to get some real character portraits of Kelly that would show more of her inner strength and character.
She looks so amazing!

Wedding boudoir, Heavenly Collections, Sydney Bridal Boudoir photography

Miss K is getting married in about a week. She is going to collect her wedding dress from Heavenly Collections this Saturday.
What her fiance doesn't know is that she will also be collecting her boudoir album to present to him as a wedding gift.
Miss K took the opportunity to go shopping for some lingerie and I love the gorgeous Gooseberry Intimates outfits that she picked.  

Bridal Boudoir - Sydney Photographer

When Elyce walked into our studio holding a Honey Birdette Lingerie bag I knew we were going to have a good shoot, that and of course she looked gorgeous already.
Into makeup to complete the transformation and then we laid out all the lingerie sets  and accessories, shoes etc. 

Now fun begun, planning out the shoot and outfits. Since Elyce is getting married soon the emphasis was to create some gorgeous bridal boudoir images that would go into an album for her fiancee. Her Honey Birdette Bridal lingerie was just perfect.

Bridal Boudoir - Brides By Francesca

Miss E came to us today for a bridal boudoir photoshoot. After purchasing her Berta Gown at Brides By Francesca she received a voucher for a bridal boudoir shoot with Sydney Glamour Photography.
Like many brides she hadn't heard of bridal boudoir yet, but once she visited our website she was sold!

She soon registered her voucher on the website and we worked out a date and booked the makeup artist. 

The images will be a total surprise for Miss E's fiance and he will be getting a very sexy keepsake on his wedding day :)


Kristy - Mum and Model boudoir shoot, fine art nude. Sydney

Kristy, mother of 2 used to be a model. But then kids and family life took over and her priorities shifted to her growing family. 

Kristy showed us that she has still got it, she was a total natural in front of the camera and amazingly confident. The images are going into an album which is going to be a present for her husband.

quick before and after. Makeup by the talented Eloise.

I love the transformation!

I love the transformation!

All images post with Kristy's permission.

Sarah from Townsville - Boudoir photoshoot for her boyfriend

(images used with Sarah's permission)